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Os Kuduristas

Os Kuduristas is a multi-channel platform designed to share the music, dance, lifestyle and education of Kuduro music* with international communities around the world. We created the first online resource of high quality Kuduro videos and academic articles - a much needed platform for the worldwide Kuduro community. became a go-to place for international audiences to learn about the history of Kuduro and the current Angolan program. All texts and features were written in both English and Angolan Portuguese to appeal to the worldwide community.

The Os Kuduristas platform was across 5 channels; music, dance, fashion, education and live events. Each was represented by a mobile texting symbol to reference the mobile savvy youth culture that has given birth to Kuduro. Mobile phones also played a pivotal role in the development of the sound of Kuduro - early experimental tracks were built off the sound of interference caused by mobile phones being used near generators used throughout Angola's civil war.

A full set of brand guidelines were designed for the newly formed Os Kuduristas brand identity.

Os Kuduristas translates to "the Kuduro makers" - an inclusive title which advances recognition of the genre. It also emphasizes the project nature of the platform, moving away from associations with a traditional marketing campaign.

The duotone logo mirrors the greater creative strategy behind the program - juxtaposition. Os Kuduristas presented Kuduro against local styles of music and dance around the world to demonstrate the similarities between them and highlight the idiosyncratic nature of the movement and sound.

The blue and white masterbrand color palette references the distinctive coloring of the Angolan minibus that acts as public transport for Luandan's, and the vehicle of promotion for local Kuduro acts. Candongueiro drivers play and distribute their favorite Kuduro CDs among their many commuting passengers each day.

Kuduro has grown up in the social environment of the 'Quintal' (Portuguese for backyard), where families and friends gather to share meals and stories. Kuduro beats play for a dance floor that spans generations where stories inspire the creation of new Kuduro moves.

The Quintal is a custom designed pop up experience transporting an Angolan Quintal experience to your backyard. A 5 day series of events, the Quintal hosted dance workshops, local DJs, fashion shows and sunday jazz brunches in addition to daily Kuduro performances. By presenting Kuduro music, dance and fashion within their natural context, the history behind Angola's largest youth movement could be fully understood.

Prior to the launch, we took the Os Kuduristas dancers to Stockholm, Amsterdam and Paris to battle local crews and host workshops at local dance schools. Kuduro hit the streets and became a topic of cultural conversation within local dance communities - setting the stage and generating excitement for the Quintal activation which followed.

To educate our international audience of dancers, we created an online dance dictionary alongside an interactive dance sequencer for a fun, shareable learning tool. Visitors could mix and match the most popular moves of Kuduro, learn the names of each move and share the sequence with friends.

For the education platform, students in Brooklyn, NY were partnered with students in Kilamba, Angola to learn about Kuduro/Hip Hop respectively. Led by Ian Jones of Young Voices, Big Sounds, this music exchange gave students the record their own tracks.

In December 2012 after a 6-week exchange education program, the Os Kuduristas dancers were brought over to NYC to participate in beat making and dance workshops. These tracks were then professionally recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Williamsburg, with Portuguese vocals laid over by Fogo de Deus (Kuduro MC).

Os Kuduristas Dance Platform

Os Kuduristas Quintal 
Os Kuduristas Education Platform

The platform was devised and produced by Cunning Communications including all branding and live events.

Creative Direction_Chelsea Campbell
Photography_Bimala Naysmith & Christian Bordey
Set Design_Sebastian Leon Agnessens
Videography_Deidre Schoo

* What is Kuduro?
Kuduro is an Angolan subculture that was borne from the cultural and political changes over the past 25 years. The music is characterised by a strong 140 bpm electronic tempo that is accompanied by a raucous, bone defying dance. These dance moves are steeped in history, telling the story of Angola's growth and revival since the civil war. Kuduro is a therapeutic art form for the the generation that still remembers a time of war.

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