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Cheez-It Aged By Audio

Harnessing the immense power of sound waves to transform the world around us has always intrigued scientists. At Bern University, Switzerland, a groundbreaking study revealed that music has the ability to alter the taste of cheese during the aging process. This remarkable study got some sound-obsessed marketers thinking further. A small but mightily influential discovery for sound-obsessed marketers.

We partnered up with Leo Burnett to create a limited edition run of Cheez-Its that were aged with hip-hop music. Leveraging Pandora's vast collection and expert curation, we carefully crafted the definitive hip-hop sound that would serenade the wheels of cheese, essential ingredients in this iconic snack. Transducers amplified beats and giant wheels of cheese got down to hip hop legends for 6 months, 24/7. The campaign extended its reach across the SiriusXM media network, various social platforms, and even included a range of branded swag. The campaign swept the 2023 awards circuit with 7x Addys, 4x Effies and 3x Shortlists for The One Show.

Curious about the tunes? Check out the mixtape here.

Voices of Sonic Diversity

Stand for Sonic Diversity is an initiative created by Studio Resonate to challenge the audio advertising industry standard of white voices as default. This practice within voice casting perpetuates sonic color lines and marginalizes voices of color. Since mid-2020, Studio Resonate has changed their voice casting practices and established a public initiative to invite other brands and agencies to take the pledge.

Voices of Sonic Diversity is a video and audio piece to promote the campaign and hear from voice actors of color on their perspectives and experience within the industry.

The Stand for Sonic Diversity was created by Studio Resonate. Creative direction was supported by Chelsea.


Giving a Voice to Small Business

With pandemic lockdowns and closures disproportionately affecting small businesses, American Express created a program to incentivise spending with minority-owned retailers and restaurants in local communities.

To promote this cardmember benefit, Studio Resonate created an audio campaign highlighting the real people behind shuttered storefronts.  We featured 30 small business owners across 10 major cities, merchants were interviewed remotely to create an honest, editorial-style campaign. This labour-intensive process allowed the interviewer to connect emotionally with business owners, whose authentic voices amplified the power of connection, delivering heartfelt and moving spots. 

Signal Award winner, Radio Mercury Awards finalist.

Creative led by Chelsea, production and support by the Studio Resonate production department.

Flavor DJ

To promote Propel’s new electrolyte enhanced water, Studio Resonate created a crossmodal experience using sound to impact the perception of flavor.  At Propel Sound Boost stations, listeners could engage with an interactive sound experience and discover a new relationship between the senses.

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