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In 2006 Banksy was not a household name and not yet (legally) housed in London’s major galleries. He had yet to sell his paintings to Brangelina and star in Bonham’s first auction of street art.  

So how could one secure an interview with the worlds most illusive artist, without a major publication or institution backing the story? A student project fired up by an incredible desire to meet the man just wouldn’t be enough, unless he was as intrigued as the journalist.

Messages were flyposted to receive maximum coverage using the medium of advertising that he publicly deplores. This seemed fitting, considering his original use of stencils intentionally mirrored the contemporary use of wheat pasted flyposters. Campaign posters were ambiguous and intriguing, asking for Banksy to call the listed number.

Misinterpreted by the majority of respondents to be a call to action from Banksy, this formed an interesting set of voicemails that serve as a cultural barometer of opinion. Calls were received at all hours, offering everything from opinions to urban canvas’ for his use.

Solo project by Chelsea.

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Amsterdam, NL