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Blood, Sweat & Fears

Blood, Sweat & Fears is a live magazine, launched in Carnaby Street, London in 2010.  The pop-up evironment housed live photo shoots, interviews, a screen-printing collective, artisanal baked goods and a range of interactive art works. A timetable of live events took place in store alongside resident artists.

Following years of working within interactive mediums and experiential advertising the idea of creating an interactive magazine that focused on time and place as opposed to form was a logical response. Concept, curation, project management and funding by Chelsea. Much appreciated assistance was received for PR, fabrication and execution.

Blood, Sweat & Fears was featured in The Guardian, PSFK, Design Week, Twin Magazine, Londonist.

Blood, Sweat & Fears’ second issue was installed in New York’s Lower East Side  in 2013.

The exhibit brought to life magazine sections in a interactive format. Features include Fashion by Ina Jang, Sex by Jai Lennard, Literature by Nate Graham and a classifieds section.

Technology featured Adam Harvey’s Stealth Wear, a range of ‘Anti-Drone’ garments. Made with metalized fabric, the line reflects heat to protect against thermal imaging surveillance, a technology widely used by drones. Also showcased is Harvey’s OFF Pocket, a privacy case for mobile phones that blocks all wireless communication.

The cover of Blood, Sweat & Fears was created by guests at the VIP event using Jason Pennick’s GIF reanimator.

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